Do They Exist? No Credit Check Loans

For No Credit Check Loans the short answer is no, with shades of grey. Or at least they shouldn’t in today’s climate of responsible lending and treating customers fairly. The spotlight is well and truly on Payday Lending at the moment, as Lenders are having to go further and further in obtaining the right information to ensure they are only lending to consumers who have the ability to repay, and rightly so.

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The press is littered with stories from students, people on long term benefits, and the unemployed taking out small amounts from a payday lender, not being able to repay on the specified date, and then watching in horror as the debt spiralled, with late fees and charges, to twice, sometimes three times the amount of the original loan. The other side of the coin is consumers who took out an originally small amount, and found themselves having to immediately borrow again to cover the last amount. They take more and more each month until eventually they are finding their whole monthly wage consumed by the repayment. Inevitably defaulting, and then finding themselves open to the huge charges mentioned earlier.

The short answer is no there is not a platform for No Credit Check Loans

Since taking over regulation of the consumer credit sector, the Financial Conduct Authority identified early on the high risk to the consumer of the payday loan industry. They have gone about reviewing the market and placing rules and restrictions on the way the payday loan companies go about their business. Interest rates have been capped, collection on defaulted loan practices have been scrutinised, and lenders have been reminded of their obligations when making a decision on whether to lend to an individual. There is an extremely strong argument to suggest that the policy of putting consumer welfare at the forefront of a companies thinking was not adhered to prior to the FCA market review. The FCA proposals on payday lending (which can be found here) will help to clean up the sector, and in turn protect the consumer against some of the rogue practices from the last few years.

Some of the higher profile lenders have already began to redress issues with historic practices in relation to the loans they issued. In June 2014, Wonga, the UK’s biggest payday loan lender, entered in to an agreement with the FCA to pay redress to around 45,000 of it’s customers, after it came to light their collection practices involved sending communications to borrowers in default, from companies which appeared to be a law firm. These “firms” turned out to actually be fictitious, and the letters were being sent directly from Wonga with the aim of pushing consumers in to responding, and paying back the outstanding balance whether they could afford it or not. The figure for the redress is thought to be around £2.6M. More recently in October 2015, Dollar Financial, the parent company for brands such as The Money Shop and Payday UK agreed to redress over 147,000 of it’s customers after it was found that insufficient affordability checks, and collection practices caused detriment to the clients. The refund will cost in the region of £15.4M.

This kind of retrospective action goes some way to show that lending practices which don’t show due care to the borrowers ability to pay back will (should) soon become a thing of the past. Typing “No Credit Check Loans” in to Google will still bring up a plethora of results offering you quick cash without the need for checks of your credit report. This is simply not the case. All lenders have an obligation to make sure the loans they are issuing, are to consumers who 1) have the ability to pay back the loan comfortably, and 2) will not suffer detriment as a result of taking out the finance. The FCA are still in the process of their attempt to clean up the industry, so any lenders still claiming to be able to provide no credit check loans can probably expect a knock on the door from the FCA very soon.

No Credit Check Loans The short answer is no

This will more than likely mean a retraction in the market for payday lending. The reason so many new lenders popped up over a short period of time was the huge earning potential for short term high cost loans. Interest added was over £30 for every £100 borrowed in some places, and the nature of the business means that the companies get paid quickly. Traditional personal loans charge interest over a longer period of time, meaning the lender would slowly collect the capital they have lent at a slower rate. Paying back the full capital plus a large chunk of interest merely 30 days after the initial outlay made the industry very appealing to a lot of companies. The new rules, capping the amount of interest charged to 0.8% per day, and the total cost cap on fees of no more than 100% of the original amount borrowed, will make the proposition less appealing to prospective and current payday providers.

It is expected that the big guns (like Wonga & Dollar Financial) will still be around when the dust settles, but the consumers access to quick cash will not be what it was, and the process of obtaining the cash will be more rigorous than it has been. This is undoubtedly a good thing however, as consumers gain better protection from entering in to the payday debt spiral.

There are other, more cost effective ways to borrow if the bank can not help due to bad credit. Credit Unions and specialist Credit Cards are a good place to start, as written about in this Independent article. Guarantor loans with providers like Amigo, Bamboo and Glo are also a much better option if there is someone who is willing and able to act as a guarantor for the loan.

People who get refused due to bad credit they obtained 3 or 4 years ago, aren’t necessarily in the same position now. The high street lenders can be very quick to say no without looking at a borrower’s current financial situation, so there is a definite gap in the market for specialist lenders to provide a service to such people. Credit assessments should be made with the consumer’s best interest at the heart of the decision, and this can only be obtained with all the information available. No credit check loans have been a hugely detrimental part of the growth of the short term loan industry. Thankfully, it looks like those days are now behind us. more info see loans for bad credit

There is no such thing as a NO CREDIT CHECK LOAN.  Lenders are under obligation to protect consumer interests by carrying out credit and affordability checks prior to agreeing to lend to an individual.  Don’t be fooled by companies advertising no credit check loan options on the internet search engines.  A no credit check loan will not do you any favours in the long run.  Especially if you already have bad credit, or are struggling to keep up to date with repayments on other debts.

Any lenders claiming to be able to offer you a loan without the need for a credit check are operating outside the rules.  The Financial Conduct Authority are very clear in their message that a consumers interests must be protected when entering in to a credit contract.  Lending money without checking a consumer’s financial position and ability to repay the loan goes against this policy.  Therefore lenders operating in this way have no place in the current market.

FAQs – Different Types Credit Check, Credit Score and Credit Rating Definitions
I need a loan.  Why do you have to do a credit check?

A Lender is obligated to ensure they are lending responsibly.  This means checking your credit history and that you have the ability to repay the loan.

What is a credit check?

A credit check is where a lender will review your payment history on previous and current credit accounts, as well as your presence on the voters roll at your current address.  They are looking to build a profile whether you have made previous payments in full and on time, or stayed within the limit of credit cards/catalogues etc.

What is a soft credit search?

A soft credit search is usually performed at the initial stage of applying for a loan.  A lender can get basic information about your credit accounts and provide you with a decision on whether they are likely to be able to provide you with the credit.  A soft credit search will not appear on your credit file when viewed by other lenders in the future.

What is a full credit search?

This will return all the information about your current and previous credit accounts from the last 6 years.  Most lenders will perform a full credit search prior to releasing any money to you after a loan application.  Full credit searches appear on your credit file, and will be visible to other lenders when you apply for credit in the future.

What information is collected about my credit history?

The credit report will hold information about your credit accounts going back over the last 6 years.  It will show your payment history, credit balances, credit limits, number of accounts and how you conducted them.  The report also shows information on any defaults, County Court Judgements, bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements that you may have had over the same period.  Finally it will provide details of your address history, whether you were logged on the electoral roll, and any linked people such as your spouse or children living at the same addresses.

Where do the lenders check my credit history?

There are 3 credit reference agencies who the lenders report your financial history to.  Experian, Equifax and Call Credit.  Lenders may use 1, 2 or all 3 of these to both log the details of your credit accounts, and to review your information when making a lending decision.

If I have adverse or bad credit, how do I go about fixing it?

There are steps you can take to start fixing a bad credit score.  Find more information here

I have found out my credit score.  What does this mean?

If you have managed to obtain a figure for your credit score, this will give you a guide on where you place on a scale of bad to good on your credit worthiness.  In reality, most lenders are unlikely to use this score when making a decision whether to lend to you or not.  Each lender will have their own criteria when making a decision, and will review your past financial payment and address history to establish whether they can accept you as a customer.  Every lender will be different so it’s important to find one that best fits your circumstances.

Do all credit reference agencies detail my exact history?

No.  It will depend on which agencies your lenders subscribe to.  Some will submit your information to all three, some will use just one.  Generally, Experian is the most widely used but it will differ from lender to lender.

If I have adverse history, does it stay on my profile forever?

No.  Payment information stays on your credit file for 6 years, after which time it is removed.  This allows consumers the ability to repair their credit profile over time.

Can any one do a credit check for a loan without me knowing?

You will have to “opt in” to have a credit search performed on you.  This will usually be part of the terms and conditions you agree to when you submit an application for a loan online.  The chosen lender will perform a credit check and make a decision based on the information it contains.  A credit check can not be performed without your express permission, or by anyone with whom you do not hold a credit account.

Is my credit history (good or bad) publicly shown online so can anyone see it?

No.  Your credit history is private, and can only be viewed by you or a potential lender to make a decision whether to lend to you or not.  If you have entered in to an insolvency agreement like an IVA, or been made bankrupt, this is viewable by the public, but general credit history is not.

How do I see my OWN credit history?

All of the credit reference agencies have their own service allowing you to view your own credit profile.  Two of them are free. is Call Credit’s version, and you can check your Equifax credit file at  Experian have their Credit Expert service which will give you free access to the report for 30 days, but will then charge you a monthly fee if you want to continue after the 30 days is up.

If I disagree with my credit profile, and I see payments missed, payments outstanding, etc what do I do?

Get in contact with the creditor who has logged the information you disagree with, and ask them to explain the submission.  It may be a mistake or an oversight, in which case they can amend the information and correct the error.  It is not possible to change the information logged on your credit file yourself.  If the creditor in question will not change the information, the only thing you can do is log a “Notice of Correction” with the credit reference agency with which incorrect information appears.  This notice is generally less than 200 words, and will appear to future creditors if they run a search on you for credit in the future.

If I never borrowed money, had a loan, or had bills to pay, would my credit history be 100%?

Unfortunately not.  Lenders like to see a history of paying back credit in a responsible way, and they are unable to assess this if you have never held credit before.  It’s difficult, as to build a payment history you need to have credit to pay back.  If you have never held credit and need a loan, the best place to start is your bank.  They will be the only ones who will have details of your income and outgoings in full, and are therefore best placed to decide whether you are a credit risk or not.  If the bank won’t approve a loan for you, there are other specialist lenders who will consider you.  Speak to a loan broker and see if they can help you get the finance you need.

What happens if I apply with lots of lenders?  Will this affect my ability to get a loan?

If you keep getting declined for borrowing from numerous different lenders, and keep making applications, it is likely to affect your ability to get new credit.  Each credit search (as long as it is a full search) will show up to the next potential lender when they make their decision.  You will be flagged as a higher credit risk due to the amount of places you are applying to.  Once you have been declined the first time, it is wise to go and get a copy of your credit report.  See if you can identify the reason for the failed application.  You can then make a decision on your next steps.


Advantage of a credit check being performed when applying for loan


1. The decision is made responsibly, with all the information available
2. Peace of mind that you are dealing with an ethical lender
3. You are unlikely to be able to take out credit which is unaffordable, which may leave you in financial detriment
4. If you have good credit, the new lender will be able to see this and offer you a loan at a more competitive rate

Would you like to check you own credit history before you apply for a loan?

Below are the links you need to view your credit report from the three credit reference agencies.  Easy Loans Company are not affiliated in any way to any of these companies, and provide this information purely as a guide on how to get the information you require about your credit

Call Credit –
Equifax –
Experian –

Noddle & Clear Score are free, and will provide you with an updated credit report every month.  Experian will allow you access for the first month free of charge, after which a monthly charge will be made if you would like to keep the service.

Below are some common search terms referencing “No Credit Check Loans”.

The above information will help you understand why there is no such thing as a no credit check loan


No credit check loans
Loans provided by lenders who do not perform a credit check when making a lending decision.  They do not exist in the current regulated financial market.

Credit check
The action of gathering information on your financial accounts and address history, with a view to providing a credit service.

Adverse history
Anything logged on your credit search which would be classed as detrimental when applying for further borrowing.  Examples would be missed/late payments, or absence from the electoral roll at your current address.

Credit Score
A guide figure, usually out of 1,000, which will give you an indication of at what level your credit worthiness currently stands.

Credit Rating
Same as a credit score.  Your rating will be determined by the conduct of your credit accounts over the last 6 years, and the information contained in your credit report.
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