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Why You Should Keep Up With The Latest NewsAnd Information About
Loans And Finance In The UK

When applying for any kind of loan it is important to know the latest news and information about loans and finance in the UK as failing to do so could reduce your chances of being able to get the money you need. For example, if there was another economic collapse similar to that of 2008, it would be almost impossible to get a loan even if you had a very good credit rating. That’s because banks and mainstream lenders will be low on confidence and less willing to lend out any money. Knowing this kind of information could be difference between you getting your money and not.

Our finance articles are written to give a summary of the most recent financial news concerning finance in the UK as well as helpful articles describing the different types of loans that are on offer for you to apply for at the Easy Loans Company. All the latest news and information is listed below for your convenience so just click on any article you would like to read.

The advice and opinions expressed in the following news articles are the author’s own and do not reflect the advice or opinions of Easy Loans Company, or Nationwide Direct Financial Ltd.

Rise in consumer credit

A recent report has shown that consumer credit has grown by 3.5%, meaning that more people are being approved for a loan, credit cards and overdrafts. These borrowings are at higher interest[...]

Payday Loan firms closing

An investigation by the Office of Fair Trading has led to four payday loan firms closing down, in addition to this 3 payday loan firms have had their licences revoked with another three surr[...]

Mortgage lending approvals rise

A report this week has shown that mortgage lending approvals are at the highest they've been in the last 5 years, figures show a jump from 58,238 mortgages approved in June to 60,624 mortgag[...]

High street bank Lloyds TSB re-branded

High street bank Lloyds TSB is being re-branded to TSB bank, this comes 18 years after Lloyds and TSB merge took place. The bank will be sold next year as part of a process ordered by the Eu[...]

Wongas increase in profits

Wonga one of the most established loan companies offering short term payday loans, has reported a 35% increase in profits this year, over last year, this equates to £84.5m and is probably d[...]

Use payday loans correctly

Figures show that up to 2 million UK citizens could be using payday loans to see them through until next payday, and other reports show that the demand for payday loans is increasing. Payday[...]