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No Credit Check Loans

Why You Should Keep Up With The Latest News
And Information About Loans And Finance In The UK

When applying for any kind of loan it is important to know the latest news and information about loans and finance in the UK as failing to do so could reduce your chances of being able to get the money you need. For example, if there was another economic collapse similar to that of 2008, it would be almost impossible to get a loan even if you had a very good credit rating. That's because banks and mainstream lenders will be low on confidence and less willing to lend out any money. Knowing this kind of information could be difference between you getting your money and not.

Our finance articles are written to give a summary of the most recent financial news concerning finance in the UK as well as helpful articles describing the different types of loans that are on offer for you to apply for at the Easy Loans Company. All the latest news and information is listed below for your convenience so just click on any article you would like to read.

The advice and opinions expressed in the following news articles are the author's own and do not reflect the advice or opinions of Easy Loans Company, or Nationwide Direct Financial Ltd.

Make Use Of Your 0% Credit Card Deal While It Lasts

Posted on February 15, 2016

0% Credit Card Deal While It Lasts If you’re one of the many thousands of borrowers that has been approved for a 0% credit card, then it’s extremely likely that you have a good credit rating. In order for your credit rating to remain this healthy it is essential that you continue to repay your […]

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No Credit Check Loans

Posted on November 13, 2015

Do They Exist? No Credit Check Loans For No Credit Check Loans the short answer is no, with shades of grey.  Or at least they shouldn’t in today’s climate of responsible lending and treating customers fairly.  The spotlight is well and truly on Payday Lending at the moment, as Lenders are having to go further […]

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Loan companies advertising No Credit Check Loans

Posted on March 16, 2015

No credit check loans is another consumer generated search term, used on the internet by those who are in need of a loan but are aware of their bad credit rating or have been declined elsewhere. This has caused an increase in some loan companies advertising no credit check loans as products, when in reality […]

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Don’t Be Scammed By ‘Dodgy’ Loan Companies

Posted on June 21, 2014

An investigative columnist from the Mirror newspaper, Andrew Penman went undercover and posed as a potential borrower making an online loan application with Purple Payday, and reported that he was scammed by the loan company. It was said that he made a single online loan application which in turn had him recieve a total of […]

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