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Bad Credit Loans: 3 Major Reasons
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1. There’s No Upfront Fees When You Apply With Easy Loans Company (unlike other loan for bad credit lenders)

2. Specially Designed For You If You Have ‘Bad Credit’

3. Gives You The Chance To Start Rebuilding Your Credit Score

You're only a few steps away from being able to enjoy all these benefits (and more) of loans specifically designed for people with bad credit. Just fill out the easy online form below and you can start to imagine all those frustrating ‘loan rejection’ notices disappearing from your memory as you press the submit button. Once we receive your application, we will find you the best possible solution to get you the money you need and you can expect an almost immediate call from your very own specialist who will provide you with your no obligation quotation.


Take This Chance To Rebuild Your Poor Credit History
By Applying For Your Bad Credit Loans Amount Today

A major frustration that you face when you get told you have ‘bad credit’ is the fact you’ll find it close to impossible to get the money you need to improve your life. Not only can it feel humiliating for you, it can be especially frustrating for you when it feels like there is no way of getting rid of this tag, as the only way to rebuild your credit score is to prove to lenders that you can actually pay back money you owe. How are you supposed to do that when you can’t borrow money in the first place?

Finally…A Solution To End Your Credit Frustration

By applying for a bad credit loan, you stand a much greater chance of being able to get the finance you need compared to a conventional loan from a high street lender. That’s because they have been setup to help people just like you rebuild their credit score and provide you with a platform to prove to lenders that you can in fact pay back money you owe.

Surely There Is A Catch?

Unlike many other more conventional loans, a loan designed for someone with bad credit has a slightly higher APR interest rate, meaning you pay slightly more than you originally borrow. But this really a small price to pay when you can have this amazing opportunity to rebuild your credit score and get the money you need in your life.

Why Get A Bad Credit Loan From the Easyloanscompany?

Our expert panel of lenders really understand that if you have been told you have ‘bad credit’ you will more than likely have to wait for huge amount of time to rebuild you credit rating, which we know is no good for you. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to cater for people in need of finance and who have bad credit and we’ll do our utmost to help you no matter what your personal circumstances are. In addition, we won’t charge you any lending fees like some other lenders and we can provide you with a no obligation quote for a loan, usually the very same day that you apply.


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What Does It Mean If You Have ‘Bad Credit’

Bad credit is a rather dismissive term used to describe you if you have had a bad history of borrowing or repaying money. Nearly every bit of financial history you have when borrowing money is noted on something called your credit file, which is a file that helps lenders make a suitability for finance. Although there is no definitive answer for having the ‘perfect credit score’, more often than not people who are considered to have a ‘good score’ are people who have:


• A solid history of borrowing money and repaying on time

• No history of bankruptcy

• Registered as living at an address

• In a safe and secure job


As a guide, if you don’t have all of the above then you should expect to come into difficulty when trying to borrow conventional loans. For more information on your credit file, then we really recommend taking a look at the Experian website, where you can access your file and look on how you can make improvements.


How You Can See If You Can Get The Finance You Need Today.


The following steps will help demonstrate how you can get your no obligation quote for a loan today.


1. Use the online web form above to fill in your details. It’s really important that you provide us with the most accurate information as failing to do so could harm your application.


2. Expect a call soon after. Very soon after completing the online web form, you should expect to hear from a qualified adviser who will be able to offer you the best solutions towards getting the finance you need. This call has absolutely no obligation and you shouldn’t feel like you need to make a decision straight away.


3. Get the finance you need. After your no obligation phone call, you will have a much better understanding on whether you are able to get the finance you need.


What if You Miss Out On This Opportunity To Rebuild Your Credit Score?


Being able to rebuild your credit score if you currently have bad credit is absolutely imperative if you want to secure any kind of finance in the future. This may include loans for a car, mortgages for a house and possibly even some credit cards. With a bad credit loan, there is no better way to get any amount of finance you need whilst still having a bad credit rating.


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